Sodexo Star Finder

By referring top talent, you play a vital role in Sodexo's growth and a friend's individual success.  Make a referral today and potentially earn financial rewards as a Star Finder.

Reward Levels

  • $250 - Administrative positions
  • $500 - Grade I2 and below
  • $750 - Grade I1, H1 & H2
  • $1000 - Grade G2 & G1
  • $2000 - Grade F2+

How to Refer

To make a referral, begin by following these steps:

Step 1: Access the Star Finder referral page

Step 2: Click on "Make a Star Finder Referral"

Step 3: Complete the series of questions regarding your referral. If you do not have a specific req. number, enter “none”.

Step 4: Click "Submit"

Your referral will receive an application link that is associated with you. If (s)he is hired and all referral criteria have been met, you will receive your reward!