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Star Finder Bonus Payouts Increase for Imaging Clinical Technology Management Positions

To fuel our growth in Imaging, we're offering an extraordinary enhancement to our Star Finder Employee Referral Program for our Imaging CTM positions: payouts will increase for a limited time from May 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017!

Current Payout
Enhanced Payout for Imaging Techs and Field Service Engineers
Imaging Tech 1
(Grade I1)
Imaging Tech 2
(Grades H1 & H2)
Imaging Tech 3 or Field Service Engineer Level 3 (Grade G2)

Candidate must be referred during enhanced campaign May, June, July, August and September.

Here is a list of current Imaging openings across the country that qualify for the increased referral bonus structure.

Qualified Lead Bonus! By making a Star Finder referral for an individual who is currently working or has worked in the past two years as an Imaging Technician, Imaging Engineer or Imaging Field Service Technician for an OEM, service provider or hospital, you can earn a $50 Esteem Pass! You will earn the Esteem Pass even if your referral is not hired as long as we are able to speak with the lead and they are qualified for an Imaging role with Sodexo. Ensure that you complete all fields on the form to qualify.

Did you know this about Star Finder hires?

  • 57% higher retention rate for Star Finder hires vs. external hires over a three-year period
  • Star Finder hires regularly perform up to 15% better than those from other sources

Help us grow our company with top talent by making a Star Finder referral today!