Sodexo Star Finder

Members of our Sodexo team share their Star Finder success stories. Do you have a success story to share? Email one of the contacts listed on the Star Finder page on SodexoNet!

Cory Goldfarb

General Manager,
Ocean Township School District


My name is Cory Goldfarb, and I am the General Manager of the Ocean Township School District. I referred a very hard-working individual by the name of Tyria Joyner whom I have had an opportunity of working with elsewhere. It is very important to surround myself and our company with individuals that possess the attributes of the Sodexo spirit. Tyria is working in our Asbury Park School District and is making a difference for our customers every day. I welcome more opportunities to be a part of Star Finder; it is a great way to bring more talent to our organization.

Karen L. Ehrlich

Assistant General Counsel,
Sodexo, Inc.


I enthusiastically compliment and applaud Sodexo Star Finder and encourage everyone at Sodexo to use the program. It’s easy to navigate, and I love entering the names of people who are interested in joining us on our mission. I’m always telling people about the great career opportunities at Sodexo—I currently have four referrals actively applying for positions. One friend has indicated that she will not stop applying until she is hired! It’s exciting to watch friends and former co-workers become aware of and inspired by Sodexo. While I’m still waiting for my first referral to be hired, I know that it will be a great day for the candidate and for Sodexo.

Dan Bolster

General Manager,
Sodexo @ Vanguard


About a year ago, I was referred to Sodexo by a Star Finder. When I was hired and learned more about the program, I could not wait to become part of it. Having the opportunity to bring great people with me that I have worked with in the past means a lot. The fact that Sodexo values their employees' past experiences and recognizes that everyone has the potential to bring something or someone of importance into the organization is one of the reasons that I wanted to come to work for them in the first place. The three individuals I have referred have been hired and are doing well, helping make their divisions and our company be successful while furthering their own careers.

Jerry Grefer

District Manager


It’s about being proud of your company

Four years ago, I was referred to Sodexo by a Star Finder. It meant a lot to me that he was so proud of the company he worked for; he wanted to let others know about it. Not to mention, it meant a lot to me to be considered. What impressed me most about Sodexo was the diversity. Not only the diversity of the people, but also the diversity of its business segments. The opportunities for growth here are endless. Over the years, I have referred about a dozen folks to Sodexo. Of that number, four of them have been hired. I feel good about referring people to Sodexo, because I believe the people are its biggest asset and it is a growing and stable organization. When I took a close look at Sodexo, I knew this was where I wanted to be for the remainder of my career.

Jerry Grefer is currently a District Manager with Sodexo.

Jason Botkin

Area General Manager


Proud of the company I work for

Working for a great company is very important to me and many of the folks that I know. Sodexo is a great company that takes care of their employees by providing them with proven tools to help success.

I am proud of the company I work for. That is why I refer good quality folks that I know will perform at a high level to help drive Sodexo continue to be successful.

The Star Finder program helps promote this, plus it puts some extra cash in my pocket. I take pride in what I do and in the candidates I refer to Sodexo.